Cream on Vintage

Your favourite Vintage and UpCycled clothing store now online

Cream on King, Cream on Crown, Cream on Hunter all together online

In the market for some fancy new threads? Or in this case, some fancy new refurbished threads? Why not head to Cream on Hunter? Even just walking past makes me want to check myself before I wreck myself and sharpen up just a touch...The folks at Cream pay homage to vintage clothing and bring a whole new meaning to the word up-cycle.
— Newcastle Live

The Idea

Born out of a life long love affair with all things used, salvaged and saved, Cream is the brainchild of Jonathan Head. His vision for Cream was to create a shop that showed that second hand clothes could be as fashion forward as anything you’d find in boutiques and urban street wear stores stocking the latest brands. Every item in the store has been lovingly hand picked or custom-made making each piece unique and special.



Style & Quality

Whether it's scouring the earth in search of the coolest pre-loved shirts and then re-sizing them for a more contemporary fit or re-making biker jackets out of salvaged vintage leather, Cream’s passion is taking something old, re-imagining it and making it new again.

The future is up-cycling

The digging's been done; this is not your ordinary OP-shop experience. Each and every item has been carefully selected or up-cycled to be more wearable and fashion forward. Cream’s up-cycling system is a well-thought out process. The remains of an up-cycled shirt may elsewhere be thrown out or discarded, but the beauty of Jono’s plan is that he tries to use the whole garment, to re-cycle every stitch.

By up-cycling clothes and recycling textiles, Cream are able to offer garments at a fraction of the cost to the environment.  Walking through a Cream store, you can see this clearly in a shirt back pack, or multi layered shirts, some using two shirts to make one, well-structured and fitting piece.